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                                                                  know it

                                                               when you

                                                                                          see it.

                                                                      It’s not just a roof.
                                                                      It’s a CertainTeed roof.

                                                                      Quality. Durability. Style. Color.

                                                                      When you select a roof for your
                                                                      home, there’s a lot to consider.

                                                                      That’s when a roof becomes more
                                                                      than just a roof. The same way a
                                                                      home is more than just a house.

                                                                      You want the best for your home
                                                                      and everything in it.

                                                                      So why guess,
                                                                             when you can be Certain?

                              Landmark, shown in Atlantic Blue                                                         3

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